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Annual capacity of 15 million kgs in spun yarn and 45 million kgs in bcf yarn
BCF Nylon Yarn

       Wide range of mono and tri color shades with high quality BCF PP yarn, heat-set yarn, frieze yarn and shaggy yarn byinfinitive colour options with different qualities with single ply and 2 ply cabled yarn for area rugs and walltowall tufted and woven Carpets.

Description : Details
Material Bcf Nylon (PA6)
End Uses Tufted carpets
Types Intermingled BCF Nylon heat-set, freize and space dyed yarn
Linear Density    (Dtex) 1000 to 1300
No. of Filaments 60 to 120
Filament Cross section Trilobal Bright
Break Elongation % 30 to 45
Tenacity (cN/dtex) 2.0 to 3.0
Crimp %
Spin finish content % 0.7 to 1.2
Twist 100 to 200
Twist Direction S or Z
No. Of Intermingling knots 10 to 20
Finish Count As per the requirement
Bobbin Weight (Kg) 2 to 4.5
Tube Length (mm) 290
Tube inner diameter (mm) 73
Packaging In Pallets covered with PE Stretch film
No. of Bobbins per Pallet 128
Total Pallets per container 20
Net weight per container Above 11 Tons
National spinning company certificate
National Spinning Company
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