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Annual capacity of 15 million kgs in spun yarn and 45 million kgs in bcf yarn
Polyester spun yarn

Polyester Carpet yarn is mostly used in Residential applications. Its distinct advantages are:

  • Very Good Color Clarity
  • Excellent Color Fastness
  • Good resistance to water-soluble stains
  • It is noted for its luxurious soft "hand" when used in thick, cut pile     textures
  • Polyester Carpets costs less than wool and nylon.

    Polyester Carpet yarn is most suitable for making Saxony and Velvet/Plush cut piles. These type of carpets are very much preferred for Residential applications. The excellent color clarity adds to the decor of the room besides imparting a luxurious, soft feel. This combines to give a snug, warm feeling.

    Polyester Carpet yarn of fine count like 9.7Nm/2 when constructed properly can give fine pinpoint definition in Plushes making it ideal for formal areas because of its rich, luxurious appearance.

    Polyester Carpets made from Textured Polyester yarn like the 5.7Nm/2 Textured has fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vaccum marks and disguise tracks.

    Experts believe that if you purchase the correct Polyester carpet, it has the best dollar value. This is because Polyester carpets - if constructed better with the right kind of yarn can hold up just as good as the Nylon carpets under normal traffic and in some cases their stain warranties exceed those of Nylon carpets. So, the right Polyester Carpet has all the attributes of a Nylon carpet but is cheaper.

    National Spinning Company has acquired an enviable reputation as the one and only and best quality Polyester Spun Carpet Yarn supplier in the Middle East, Gulf and African countries. All the major carpet producers in this region are buying their Polyester Carpet Yarn from NSC since many years and they are very happy with the quality and consistency.

    The different types of Polyester Spun Carpet Yarn produced by NSC are as follows:

  • 5.5Nm/2 or 3.25Ne/2
  • 9.6/2/2 Polyester/Nylon Blend yarn
  • 9.7Nm/2 or 6Ne/2
  • 5.65Nm/2 Deep Dyeable Polyester yarn
  • 9.7Nm/2/2 or 6Ne/2/2
  • 5.7Nm/2 Textured

    Description : Details
    Material Ring spinning long staple polyester carpet Yarn
    End Uses Tufted carpets
    Types Spun Polyester Heat-set and Freize
    Single Yarn Count (Nm)   (Dtex) 3 to 12
    Single Yarn Twist (TPM) 120 to 350
    Ply Yarn Twist (TPM) 60 to 240
    Twist Direction Z X S or S X Z
    Finish Count As per the requirement
    Bobbin Weight (Kg) 2 to 5
    Bobbin Tube Type Cylindrical Paper Tubes w/o notch
    Tube Length (mm) 290
    Tube inner diameter (mm) 73
    Packaging In Pallets covered with PE Stretch film
    No. of Bobbins per Pallet 128
    Total Pallets per container 20
    Net weight per container Above 12 Tons
    National spinning company certificate
    National Spinning Company
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